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Behind-the-Scenes: February 2020

Why don't we do this: A behind-the-scenes post on what goes on behind-the-scenes. A personal post, if you will. A reflection on writing and the things that go behind writing, if there are such things. Once per month sounds good, right? Unless there's some kind of smashing news to share.

The Current State of Writing Affairs

  • City. River. Tree. is off to a great start. We launched late last year and have been so pleased with the level of submissions that we've received. Unfortunately, it's just the two of us, so keeping up has been quite the challenge. Our number one rule from the beginning is to only read submissions when we're together, so our apologies for the wait time, but we'll get a workflow going soon, I'm sure.

  • Obviously I've launched my website this month, which is quite exciting. I've got a decent idea of where it's going: interviews with fellow authors; fiction reviews of smaller works because they often don't get the attention they deserve; and cataloging writing advice that I've banked up through the years. I'd also like for it to be a platform for my own work, which brings me to...

  • Bonedog. Just the other day I was hovering around 50,000 words of the 70,000-word first draft. It's by no means my first novel, but it's the first one that I truly believe in. I got the majority of the mistakes out of my system in the first two and they don't need to see the light of day. Ever. I can't be wrong in thinking that most "first" novels have one or two behind them, hidden away, the great shame of their creators. I've since pulled the brakes and am redrafting an entirely different take on the same core concept, but with less shame involved.


First novels.

The Life Things

  • My dog is still adorable and that needed saying.

  • I'm going on vacation soon, so that's good. Quite good, really.

  • And...

  • Yeah, now I'm just stretching for things because it feels good to write about things on the outskirts of writing, but then I just come back to writing. Which, you know, I'm fine with.


Streeeeetch, yeah, no.